Album: Fourc4st - The Reign (2015)

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Song: The Purge

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Having grown up in a musically influenced household, under the wing of an older brother who was already involved in the industry; it was of no surprise that a young Marvelous (formerly known as Heno Davodyan) naturally gravitated towards music."Duke," which is the name of his brother, would eventually venture out to start his own Record Label one day. As a true testament of someone passionate for music, he used the last of his savings along with whatever scraps he could gather to buy the required equipment for building a fully functioning recording studio. Already an avid Hip-Hop fan, freestyling and writing raps came naturally as second nature for Marvelous. Now, with the studio ready and the launch of his brother company "Absolute Records"; the pieces were all falling into place. The events that proceeded has today landed Marvelous in a reputable position, recognized locally as one of the most gifted lyricists. Combining a mixture of witty punchlines and catchy hooks - infused with a message of anger, struggle and revolution; Marvelous has developed a sound unlike any with hopes of one day carving out his own piece of history in the art of Hip Hop.